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Our products are intended for researchers, physicists and manufacturers. We, ourselves, are scientists who wish to best answer the demands of these communities! That’s why we demand a certain level of excellence and quality to our products knowing the requirements related to these sectors!

Why choose

Azurlight Lasers ?



In the infrared as in the visible, our products have high power without compromising with stability, noise, single frequency, single mode and others features of our products. It’s perfect to push the limits of your applications. Up to 10W in the visible and Up to 130W in the infrared !

Flexible architecture

The physical flexibility of fibers and the absence of complex cooling systems make these lasers a very compact and easily integrable solution. Furthermore, three different architectures are possible to better adapt to your request :

  • Laser with Internal seeder
  • Laser with External seeder
  • Your source + Amplifier

Outstanding reliability

Our fiber lasers provide high performances, with an architecture designed to ensure the stability and the robustness of the laser.



Our products have very low noise compared to other laser technologies. To highlight this quality, we measure precisely the Relative Intensity Noise at each step of the integration, in our clean rooms, to guarantee the best performances !

Custom wavelengths

Some customers want exotics wavelength for precise physics applications. We propose different standard products, but the extent of our know-how doesn’t stop there. We are used to make custom products, ask us your wavelengths and features !

Customer support

If you need help with your system, or you notice an anomaly, do not hesitate to contact us, our team is listening to you, we have a responsive customer service that will do the best to help you out.

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Pierre Laygue - MSC. Sales marketing director - Azurlight Systems

Pierre Laygue

Sales & Marketing director

Nicholas Traynor - PH.D. founder ceo - Azurlight Systems

Nicholas Traynor

Founder, CEO, CSO

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