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Azurlight Systems designs and manufactures high performances fiber lasers and amplifiers for industrial and scientific applications. We strive to combine the most stringent laser specifications to enable the most demanding applications.

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Its innovative and patented technology represents a real breakthrough on the laser market especially over other solid-state technologies. It offers many advantages in terms of stability, robustness and ease of integration and is the laser of choice for your application.

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Azurlight Systems I High-Power CW Fiber Lasers & Amplifiers

Azurlight Systems is a French manufacturer of CW fiber lasers and amplifiers. Based in Bordeaux, we operate in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Danemark, Finland, Norway), as well as globally, with distributors of Azurlight Systems lasers covering Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, Japan, China, Korea, India and Russia. Azurlight Systems is a supplier of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers. Tailored for high performances, our infrared (IR) lasers and visible (VIS) lasers all feature high power, ultra-low noise, single frequency, single mode, excellent power and pointing stability. At all wavelengths (488 nm,515 nm,532 nm, 976 nm, 1030 nm, 1064 nm and many more other custom wavelengths), the compact architecture of our products as well as its coolerless laser heads ensure robustness and reliability. Our high power fiber lasers are perfect for research and industrial applications that require high performances and high quality ! Our CW fiber lasers are suited for quantum optics, atomic physics for atom cooling and atom trapping, high power Argon gas laser replacement, laser doppler velocimetry, high brightness laser pumping, laser holography, metrology and interferometry.