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High performances Instrumentation

For industrials and scientists, we make products with high performances. For high precision measurements, for metrology applications, for instrumentation, for all these fields we propose standard and custom solutions without compromise on performances.

Why choose

Azurlight Lasers ?

Low noise level

Azurlight systems have a low noise level, which allows for better measurements.

All-fiber lasers

Azurlight Systems offers all-­fiber systems with a coolerless laser head that guarantee excellent spatial mode. The fiber technology is a real advantage : the systems do not need to be aligned. They are particularly well suited for rigorous applications as they have excellent power, pointing and frequency stability.

High power stability

Azurlight Systems offers the best power stability in the market: < ± 0.3% in the short term and < ± 0.5% in the long term.

Single Frequency

Our products have a very thin linewidth, characteristic of the laser’s single frequency. Azurlight Systems enjoys one of the best frequency stability on the market: < 50 MHz over 8 hours.

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Pierre Laygue - MSC. Sales marketing director - Azurlight Systems

Pierre Laygue

Sales & Marketing director

Nicholas Traynor - PH.D. founder ceo - Azurlight Systems

Nicholas Traynor

Founder, CEO, CSO

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