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Most of our optical heads don’t generate heat and don’t need any active cooling system*. The large surface / volume ratio of the fiber geometry allows for extremely efficient heat dissipation and simplified thermal management which greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs.

*except the 130 W IR laser



The physical flexibility of fibers and the absence of complex cooling systems make these lasers a very compact and easily integrable solution. Furthermore, three different architectures are available to better suit your need:

  • Internal seeder lasers
  • External seeder lasers
  • Amplifiers only



Our production processes, our quality management system, our supply chain experts, all these conditions make our products fully compatible with industrial applications. The excellent reliability that is resulting gives the necessary confidence level to our customers to integrate our fiber lasers and amplifiers in complex optical systems for advanced metrology, holographic systems or laser doppler velocimetry systems for example. Our continuous efforts in improving our products, services and processes are paving the way to even better product lines in the future.

Azurlight Systems

Technology Advantages

High Power

In the infrared and in the visible, our products offer high power without compromising stability and reliability making it the perfect tool to push the limits of your demanding applications.

Up to 10 W in the visible and now up to 130 W in the infrared!



5 to 130 W

Standard Wavelengths :

976 nm, 1015 nm, 1030 nm, 1064 nm



0.5 to 10 W

Standard Wavelengths :

488 nm, 515 nm, 532 nm


Azurlight Systems

Technology Advantages

Ultra-low Noise

Our products show ultra-low intensity noise compared to other laser technologies. Since its foundation, Azurlight Systems R&D team has been developing an extensive understanding of this phenomenon and was able to design dedicated measurement tools to further reduce this undesirable effect. We are now able to measure precisely the Relative Intensity Noise at each manufacturing step of our lasers or amplifiers, in our clean rooms, to guarantee the best performances! Here is a typical RIN curve for our 130W 1064nm fiber laser. We now also propose the AZURLIGHT ANRS™ (Active Noise Reduction System) that allows a reduction of 25 dB in the low frequencies.


Azurlight Systems

Technology Advantages

High pointing stability

The innovative design of our products enables the best pointing stability on the market. Here is an actual measurement of this specification over several hours in an industrial environment. Our customers appreciate the fact that they dont need to tweak their system all the time and use their precious time on their experiment!

Excellent Beam Pointing Stability Azurlight Systems Product Stable Endurance Duration Hours

Azurlight Systems

Technology Advantages

Single Mode

Azurlight Systems manufactures lasers and amplifiers based on optical fibers. The light is thus amplified and guided inside those which considerably improve the compactness and reliability (no more misalignment or dust pollution for example). Fiber manufacturing processes allow the definition of cores that guide only one optical mode. Therefore, the emitted beams are diffraction limited and this regardless of laser output power (one can vary this parameter from 10% to 100% with no impact on the beam profile).

Singlemode-2D-Azurlight Monomode TEM00

Azurlight Systems

Technology Advantages

Single Frequency

Azurlight Systems is specialized in high power amplification of single frequency sources. The linewidth of the seed source is always less than 50 kHz (typically < 20-30 kHz) and can go down to < 1 kHz. This is a challenging process as at these extremely narrow linewidth, the Spontaneous Brillouin Scattering can easily take place and it takes a lot of expertise to design a system that can overcome this limitation. Our R&D team continuously pushes the power limit without compromise on the acceptable seed linewidth.

Technology rack front and back rear panel 3U with laser head

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