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Azurlight Systems is the company in which we develop, design, produce, and commercialize innovative fiber laser technologies! Why innovative? Because we propose original wavelengths! The products developed by Azurlight Systems are unique because they are fully fiberized which allows a much more efficient integration.

Azurlight is based in the City of Photonics in Pessac, France! It has joined the Alpha Route Lasers and Hyperfrequencies Competitiveness Cluster, which is boosting the economic development of the region through the progress and innovation of photonics, laser, electronic, microwave, and digital technologies.


Why Azurlight Systems?


The society was created in 2010, the year where it won the « photon d’or » (gold photon) award for its blue-emitter fiber laser. This is the first and the only one to propose that, and so the name « Azurlight Systems » was born, with reference to this innovative wavelength.


Starlight +


Azurlight Systems is closely linked to the research community.


Since 2014, the company is associated with LP2N (Photonics, Numerical, and Nanosciences Laboratory), a laboratory specialized in special development of innovative photonics systems. The resulting joint lab is named “Starlight +”.


The goal of this joint lab is to combine scientific production and industrial innovation. Stakes are mainly high-power, single frequency, ultra-low noise laser systems applied to scientific and industrial fields. This entity is co-managed by Dr. Germain Guiraud, Dr. Nicholas Traynor, and Dr. Giorgio Santarelli.


Years since incorporation

Executive team

Nicholas Traynor - PH.D. founder ceo - Azurlight Systems

Nicholas Traynor

Founder & CEO

Pierre Laygue - MSC. Sales marketing director - Azurlight Systems

Pierre Laygue

Sales & Marketing Director

Ronan Le Loarer - Operations director - Azurlight Systems


Operations & Purchasing Director

Germain Guiraud - R&D manager - Azurlight Systems


R&D Manager

Gil Mery - Service manager - Azurlight Systems


Customer Service Manager


Lasers Worldwide


Countries Covered

Our products are intended for researchers, physicists and manufacturers. We, ourselves, are scientists who wish to best answer the demands of these communities! That’s why we demand a certain level of excellence and quality to our products knowing the requirements related to these sectors!

Each product is made in a clean room, dozens of tests are performed throughout the assembly of our lasers, at each step to verify and guarantee the single frequency, the power stability, the single-mode character of the laser, and its low-level noise even for high powers. They benefit a long lifetime, do not need special maintenance, and have low consumption.

The applications we carry are centered around physics, including Atomic & Molecular physics, High Performances Instrumentation, Argon Laser Replacement, Holography, Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Interferometry, High Brightness Laser Pumping …


We consider each request and regularly make “custom” products for specialized applications! You have an application that requires special features? Contact us! Our team will support you in your project!

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