High Power 1015 nm

fiber amplifiers

Single Mode, Single Frequency, Ultra-Low Noise CW lasers

Key features

High Power

  • Preamplifier option available
  • Up to 10W
  • Push the limits of your applications

Ultra-low Noise

  • Diffraction limited M²<1.1
  • Circularity >95%
  • Strictly single mode fiber

Beam stability

  • Coolerless head
  • Power stability <±0.5% over >8 hours
  • Pointing stability <±0.5µrad/°C

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Pierre Laygue - MSC. Sales marketing director - Azurlight Systems

Pierre Laygue

Sales & Marketing director

Nicholas Traynor - PH.D. founder ceo - Azurlight Systems

Nicholas Traynor

Founder, CEO, CSO

1015 nm High Power Fiber Amplifiers | Up to 10W | Single Mode, Single Frequency