High Power 1064 nm fiber lasers

& amplifiers

Single Mode, Single Frequency, Ultra-Low Noise CW lasers

Key features

High Power

  • 10 W, 20 W, 50 W available
  • Up to 130 W
  • Push the limits of your applications

Ultra-Low Noise

  • Noise [100 Hz – 10 MHz] < 0.2% RMS
  • Perfect for precise applications
  • Less than -120 dBc/Hz

Power stability

  • Long term power stability
  • Over several hours
  • < ± 0.5% in the long term


1064 nm - High power infraredfiber laser

(1): Typical Linewidth < 30 kHz

(2): Depending on output power

(3): Standard dimensions. Other dimensions available for OEM


your architecture

Internal seeder

Seeder and amplifier chain in a standard 3U 19” rack. Choice of Constant Current or Constant Power mode. 35 dB inbuilt protection from IR reflections, higher protection can be provided with extra filtering.


External seeder

Azurlight seeder is housed in an external rack. Allows future upgrades such as adding power splitters to drive multiple amplifiers in parallel or upgrade or change of seed laser.


Stand-alone amplifier

Amplifier/SHG for use with a client seed source. Need to make sure with the client that the seed source is compatible (any doubts and we ask them to provide the seed source to build the amplifier). Input FC/APC. Automatic detection on amplifier input which validates adequate power and polarization of seeder.

Client seed laser and stand alone amplifier product

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Pierre Laygue - MSC. Sales marketing director - Azurlight Systems

Pierre Laygue

Sales & Marketing director

Nicholas Traynor - PH.D. founder ceo - Azurlight Systems

Nicholas Traynor

Founder, CEO, CSO

1064 nm High-Power Fiber Lasers & Amplifiers I Up to 50W I Single Mode, Single Frequency